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London tantric gay massage service - essentially an erotic sensual massage that includes stimulation of the body. During the massage, various intimate body parts are touched, caressed and massaged in a truly sensual manner. This kind of male tantric massage as you can imagine is not available from your local health centre or spa. Our male massages bring together complete relaxation and harmony of both the body and mind. The therapist(s) (also called a "giver") is often able to help and guide you by making you conscious of your own sensual energy, and help you direct and channel it. It is this sensual energy which is forms a major part of your emotional and physical well-being. Find out more about the origin of Tantra here.

You can be sure all our Tantric male masseurs are fully trained and highly skilled at erotic massage and male to male Tantric massage. London is a place that can drain your energy so there is no better way to shed the days stress and tension with a great body to body massage or other male massage experience. The ultimate aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout your Tantric experience. We provide a first class professional 5-Star Tantric massage service in the London area, offering the following body to body massage and other gay male massage services:



Our London based authentic Tantric gay massage takes you on a two hour journey of self-discovery and sensual awakening and is not simply a massage treatment with sensual components. The Sacred Journey Tantra is about discovering your inner spirit and learning how to express yourself and enjoy your sensuality in ways that you have probably never imagined were possible. Developing your inner being is a lifelong effort and the knowledge that True Tantra imparts, goes a long way in helping you progress from a sensual and emotional standpoint. We will open your chakras, so you will feel the energy flow and then be able to contain its release until you are completely in tune with the moment. Learning Tantra and how it improves your enjoyment of your body is a revelation to those who experience the Sacred Journey. The two hour Sacred Journey Tantra experience begins with a learning session of some basic Tantric breathing techniques and the “Sacred Locks.” Intimate energies will be awakened during an ancient adoration and Shamanic ritual. This seduction of energy allows the “Sacred Touch” to be performed. This will totally relax your body, motivating and focusing your sacred and sexual energies. The session is performed on you nude to prevent the obstruction of energy flows and allow your body to become flexible. If you would like to get more information about the art of Tantra and different Tantra sessions, please visit out partner site

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Body to body massage is a very personal but extremely fulfilling way to enjoy the benefits of a combination of gentle body to body, contact and Tantric massage. The closeness of this modality plus the use of Tantric massage techniques, adds up to a whole body experience that cannot be achieved any other way. Beginning with smooth strokes and some pleasurable warm aromatic oils, there follows a series of body to body movements which tend to every chakra with sensual touch. These will awaken the realization of your spirit, bringing you back to life again and leaving you feeling invigorated and recharged. Tantric massage enables the release of your chakras which in turn allows your body energy to flow properly. At this point, you will be able to learn how to take control of those energy flows - including your sexual energy. Lingam massage is part of this technique in which sensations can be further heightened by the addition of a prostate massage. This combination will bring you the most powerful orgasmic experience possible. The release of stress and sexual tension is unmatched by any other process or technique. Body to body Tantric massage London is a unique service delivered by fully trained Tantric masseurs with a wealth of experience and fit, athletic bodies.

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Bringing you to a fantastic pleasurable release is a big part of this massage. Applying Tantric methods, we bring you a range of benefits - some of which are amazing and profound sensual experiences. The Sensual Tantric massage has all the elements you might want that will enable you to reach heights of orgasmic pleasure unavailable through other means. The stimulation of Kundalini energy at the base of your spine will bring sensual and emotionally satisfying outcomes as well as physical healing properties. There are no comparable massages or other treatments which will offer you such a superb insight into your own sexuality combined with such a euphoric release which can only be described as "beyond orgasm." If you can imagine sensuality and sexuality as a spiritual entity, then you will understand what Tantra and Tantric massage is all about. After one of our sumptuous massage sessions, you will feel absolutely out of this world. We know as our previous clients always tell us so! With the addition of prostate massage if you wish, your orgasmic delights will extend even further.

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A combination of therapeutic and gay Tantric massage is often the best solution for those in need of rejuvenation, relaxation and sexual release. Starting with a thorough massage either in Swedish or Deep Tissue modalities, the massage progresses gently toward a more sensual and Tantric approach. This includes a more personal touch, hot oils and attention to your chakras in order to enable your sexual energy to flow properly. Suitable for those who have already experienced a Full Tantra Sacred Journey, the Therapeutic Tantric Massage combination is ideal to allow a continuation of the self-learning process related to Tantra and the need for a regular therapeutic component to your massage session. Performed by a fully trained massage therapist with full training in Tantric massage and regular massage techniques, such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy and Swedish massage, your massage will take place part-clothed or nude, depending on your wishes. Our male massage therapists are all athletic and extremely sensitive to your needs throughout the Tantric / therapeutic massage session.

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Sensual male massage is an amazing experience which will take you on an ecstatic journey within your sensual being, using Tantric massage methods to ensure that you reach the most pleasurable orgasmic conclusion, beyond your imagination. A truly spiritual experience, a sensual male massage releases sexual energy and tension. It allows you to control yourself to the point where you are ready for the tension to explode inside your consciousness through a heavenly experience that a true orgasm should be. The massage comprises either a therapeutic massage component (such as deep tissue) or a more sensual, gentle  massage (such as a Swedish style) with a Tantric penis massage (Lingam) at the end. During the massage there is no contact with the masseur (other than their hands on your body). There is no body to body contact or masseur nudity. Please see our other services such as a body to body massage or a Full Tantra if you require that type of massage. Our athletic male masseurs are expertly trained to bring you to these heights of ecstasy, but also to train you to control your body so you can practice these techniques at home. With the option of prostate massage, the Sensual Male massage is a specialized service which is unmatched by any other massage technique. If you are ready to allow your chakras to open, your sensuality to expand and your sexual energy to flow in a controlled way, then you are ready for a sensual male massage.

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This is a therapeutic massage for men, by men, which offers the full range of regular therapeutic massage services and modalities. Whether you are an athletic person and need deep tissue to resolve those aching limbs - perhaps you work out and need to give your muscles a treat instead of the punishment they usually get? Those with lives that are more sedentary can really benefit too from a good workout of the muscles! The benefits of therapeutic massage cannot be understated. Massage puts your muscles back in line and stretches and realigns them until your body feels like it has been renovated. This rejuvenation is an essential part of the healing process, regardless of whether your body is tired from exertion, or from lack of use. We only care about putting it right for you so you can get on and face tomorrow. Therapeutic massage can be combined with any other massage we offer, so please browse around to choose the right massage and/or Tantric treatment for you!

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All our athletic male masseurs perform natural male and body-to-body massages.

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