lingam massage

Lingam Massage is thousands of years old. The word Lingam meaning the male sexual organ comes from Sanskrit which translates to "wand of light" which can be a portal to pleasure and light energy.

An orgasm for the male experience is not the main focus but rather a delightful benefit to the treatment. The main focus actually is on the healing aspects of the male psyche and removing the blocked energy chakra. This pertains to the testicles, the external area of the prostate and the perineum. Lingam massage allows you to finally be relaxed and not focused on the giving but rather receiving the sexual pleasure that is possible to be experienced - which will be something unlike you ever felt before.

Self discovery is a doorway to happiness and a full life of abundant living and healing.

Lingam massage - Tantric massage london

The massage begins once the client has fully relaxed a taken several deep breaths. The masseur or masseuse then prepares for the session with slow soft strokes to the genitals and surrounding areas with a touch of master's precision.

This type of gay male massage is much less focused on sexual gratification, but rather a sexual awakening and healing that can repair ones mind, body and spirit all at once. In addition it helps you learn how to control your own functionality and mechanisms of your sexual life without the harmful side affects of medications.

Increasing your confidence and enjoyment for not only yourself but also your partners satisfaction and perception of your abilities will be a very welcome benefit to an already enjoyable experience. Lingam massage is a perfect touch for that male encounter you been dreaming about!

lingam massage

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