Your Gay Male Tantric Massage Questions Answered

arrow4-700 Thank you for your interest in gay male Tantric Massage. If you have questions hopefully this FAQ section will cover them all. These are some common questions we are asked; if after reading this section your question is still not answered, then please feel free to contact us. We want you to feel completely at ease and comfortable with us. Our staff are dedicated to being your best male gay massage in London.

  • What is the age required to experience Tantric massage?

The law states you must be 18 years of age to receive a gay male massage / Tantric massage; sorry if you’re not quite there but it’s something to look forward to.

  • Are your masseurs experienced?

Yes, we choose and hire only the best quality staff available anywhere in the London area. All of our gay male masseurs have to first pass a practical massage test to make sure that are able to adhere to our standards of quality.

  • Do you provide gay male massage services to the disabled?

Yes, absolutely we will! We would only require you to contact us in advance to discuss your abilities and limitations so we will be properly prepared to accommodate your needs. It goes without saying we handle everyone discreetly.

  • Is it normal for me to be nervous to receive a male Tantric massage for the first time?

It is completely normal for anyone experiencing something brand new to be a bit apprehensive. A tantric massage is no exception; in fact because you may also feel slightly more vulnerable the feeling of nervousness maybe enhanced a tad. But don’t fret, we will help put your mind at ease, help you to feel more comfortable and let your body naturally ease into the experience.

  • How do I know the towels and linens you use are clean?

We never reuse towels or linens; hygiene is high on our list of priorities when offering such intimate massage services. We guarantee all our linens are fresh and clean for each client. It is too risky to reuse any of these things including tools / toys. Everything is clean to prevent cross-contamination during your Tantric session. Your safety and enjoyment is our highest priority!

  • How should I dress?

Once you are ready for your massage, then it is standard practice as it is with any modality of massage to wear nothing at all. Although we do require you to have a shower right before the massage just as our masseur will too; to ensure proper hygiene.

  • What if I get too cold or hot during my Tantric session?

Of course it can be! This is your time and we want you to be completely comfortable with all aspects of your tantric massage session. This includes your selection of music if any, room ambiance such as lighting, smell of oils, lotions or potpourri. Maybe you prefer to have no smells at all with unscented lotions and oils, the options are completely within your control - Please let us know your preferences when you book.

  • Can you guarantee that no one will find out I have had an erotic massage?

Although we have no control on what people are or are not able to find out, we do guarantee we are very discreet and if someone does find out it will not be from us. We never share or sell any of your information (see our privacy policy) with anyone. In addition we will avoid embarrassing you by calling you at home or work. If you prefer you may want to provide us with some sort of contact method such as a cell phone number to confirm your appointment. If you have other instructions to retain your discrettion and proivcacy we are willing to help in any way we can.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

We take cash and credit/ debit cards, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay for your tantric massage sessions.

  • Do your masseurs offer outcall service?

Yes we can actually provide this service all over the London area. Just let us know if it will be in your home or hotel, when you would like yourgay male tantric massage session and we will do our best to accommodation you.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

We understand things come up at the last minute, so if you need to cancel please try to give us as much notice as possible. It is standard practice to charge a cancellation fee upon a short notice cancellation or a no show. You may ask us at the time of scheduling about this policy. arrow4-700

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